Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stephanie's T-Shirt Quilt

  Here is the T-shirt quilt that I made for my then future daughter-in-law Stephanie Parker.  The 'Will You' and 'Marry Me' shirts in the middle were worn by two little boys who are friends of Stephanie's that Kevin (my son) used to propose to her !!!!  The rest of the T-shirts are ones that Stephanie aquired during her Basketball career and a couple that relate to Kevin (Dolphins, NIU, Delta Sigma Pi).

I was able to surprise Stephanie on Christmas 2009 with this as both Kevin and I told her that I was too busy to work on it !!!!

Currently I am finishing up my own T-Shirt quilt of NIU shirts - will post some pictures of that soon...

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  1. So happy you are going to blog about your quilts! Your T-shirt quilts are the best.