Saturday, November 26, 2011

They are all ready for Christmas !!!!

I have been making Counted Cross-Stitch Stockings for my family using the Better Homes and Garden Heirloom Stockings book (published in 1995).  I originally made them for myself, my husband Ron and our children Stefanie and Kevin.  Then Stefanie married Kyle and I made one for him.  Then Stefanie and Kyle had our granddaughter Madelynn and I made one for her (finished earlier this year).  Then Kevin married Stephanie (yes, our daughter and daughter-in-law have the same name - different spelling!!!) and I made one for her (just finished this last Sunday night). 

Here they are:
For myself -> Stitcher's Studio                      For my Husband Ron -> North Woods

 For Stefanie -> Home for Christmas                  For Kevin -> Holiday Workshop

For Kyle -> Toys and Games                            For Stephanie -> Holiday Kitchen

And for our Granddaugher Madelynn ->  Sugar and Spice

Once we get our Christmas decorations up, I will take a picture of them all at the fireplace and post it out here.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Jennifer's Quilts

Wanted to share pictures of the quilts I made for two Jennifer's in my life....

Nine-Patch for Jennifer G -> This quilt kind of started my quilting craze and still is one of my favorites. Found the pattern on the Hancock Fabrics website and most of the fabric was bought on clearance for $1 a yard!I even made a couple of small pillows out of the leftover fabric. 

Jungle Fever for Jennifer T -> This quilt was made from a kit by Karen Montgomerty purchased from Keepsake Quilting.  However, I added 3 inch sashing and cornerstones to make the quilt a little bigger. Want to use this pattern again but it just has not made it to the top of my project list.