Sunday, October 12, 2014

Austen Family Album Quilt-Block 28 Done

This weeks block is Crossroads for Harris Bigg-Wither, the man who once proposed marriage to Jane Austen.  While Jane at first accepted his proposal she then declined it and never married in her lifetime. 

I picked some brighter colors this week and I really happy with how the block turned out

Only 8 more blocks to go!!  Going to have to start considering how to out them together into a quilt top.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tell it to the Stars - Clue 9 and 10 done

The clue for September and October is to assemble the blocks we have been making for the past eight months with sashing and cornerstones.  I decided to use the same block layout the Judy had on her blog as my blocks looked good in that layout

Apparently the next two months will be adding borders and Judy is famous for her border designs!  Looking forward to what she has designed for us to do.

Austen Family Album Quilt - Block 27 done

This weeks block is King's Crown for King George III who reigned during Jane's lifetime.  

My Bee group suggested I add more green into my blocks after viewing what I had done.  So I found a fun fabric with green accents and then also added a green fabric

Thanks to the comments added to the Austen Family Album blog with the corrections to the directions.  I did need the extra size on the triangle on the bottom to make the block work.

I am really enjoying the block a week project and may miss it when it is over!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Quilt Finishes

Recently I finished the binding on my Cabin in the Woods quilt.  

I found this pattern in a 'use your scraps' book and it was fun to do.  My Aunt Bonnie quilted this for me using a falling leaves pattern. 

Tonight I finished the binding on a baby girl quilt that I am making for a co-worker

The pattern is very easy and I think I got the top done in one night. Then it took me a couple of months to get it finished!!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Austen Family Album Quilt - Block #26 Done

Block #26 is Fanny's Favorite for Fanny Knight a niece of Jane Austen's.

This seems to have been the most intricate block yet but I am happy with how my block came out.  

Only a few more blocks left!  Then to figure out how to layout the blocks and if I need to remake any of them. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Getting It Done - September Status and October List

Getting it Done - September Status

Things I really want to get done
Clue #9 for Tell it to the Stars - not done
Austen Family Album Quilt - make weekly blocks - got blocks 22,23,24 and 25 done. - block 26 pending
Sew binding down on Cabin in the Wood quilt - done 9/14/14
Kit up and begin Hop,Scorch mat project - kitted and top sewn together 9/27/14
Kit up and begin Little Red Schoolhouse project - kitted and top sewn together 9/27/14
Complete Baby girl quilt for Kei -  tied and binding on need to sew down
Make quilt block for NSQG raffle quilt - done

Things I might get done
Assemble top for 21st Century Bulls Eye quilt - done 9/28/14
Assemble top for Re-Piecing the Past quilt - not done
Start project for Ron - not done

Getting it Done - October List

Things I really want to get done
Finish Baby girl quilt for Kei
Sept/Oct Clue for Tell it to the Stars
Austen Family Album Quilt  - make weekly blocks
Start t shirt quilts 
Work on baby quilt for Katie 

Things I might get done

Assemble Stained Glass quilt top
Assemble Re- Piecing the Past top
Make pillowcase dresses for Haiti 

Time to get to work!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Quilting Weekend

My Aunt Bonnie and I went up to Twin Lakes , WI this past weekend for a quilting weekend.

We setup our sewing machines at the kitchen table 

Then we used the converted porch for our ironing, cutting and design wall area

I had taken five projects with me and I am glad to say that I worked on all five of them!!

First I finished Block 25 of the Austen Family Album quilt (see previous post).  

Then I assembled a Hopscotch board project.  The board turned out so big that I had to take the picture in two pieces.

My third project was the Blue Schoolhouse kit that I purchased from Pam Buda.  I was a little nervous as the pieces were small but I got it done and I love the finished product!!

My fourth project was to make blocks for a pattern that I purchased on Craftsy called Stained Glass.  I did finish all twelve blocks but did not get a picture of them. I also got them laid out how I want to sew them together but need to cut the sashing strips before I can do that

My last project was to lay out and sew together 48 blocks for a project that I can't show.  The project is a gift for someone that reads my blog.  

It was a great weekend and I can't wait to do it again!!  Thanks Bonnie for a great time.