Monday, September 29, 2014

Quilting Weekend

My Aunt Bonnie and I went up to Twin Lakes , WI this past weekend for a quilting weekend.

We setup our sewing machines at the kitchen table 

Then we used the converted porch for our ironing, cutting and design wall area

I had taken five projects with me and I am glad to say that I worked on all five of them!!

First I finished Block 25 of the Austen Family Album quilt (see previous post).  

Then I assembled a Hopscotch board project.  The board turned out so big that I had to take the picture in two pieces.

My third project was the Blue Schoolhouse kit that I purchased from Pam Buda.  I was a little nervous as the pieces were small but I got it done and I love the finished product!!

My fourth project was to make blocks for a pattern that I purchased on Craftsy called Stained Glass.  I did finish all twelve blocks but did not get a picture of them. I also got them laid out how I want to sew them together but need to cut the sashing strips before I can do that

My last project was to lay out and sew together 48 blocks for a project that I can't show.  The project is a gift for someone that reads my blog.  

It was a great weekend and I can't wait to do it again!!  Thanks Bonnie for a great time.

Austen Family Album Quilt - Block 25 done

Block 25 is Anna's Choice for Anna Austen, Jane's niece.

I used some of my mom's sparkle fabric again and introduced light purple into my blocks.

I actually finished this block on Friday the 26th while on a quilting weekend with my Aunt Bonnie.

Willl do another post tonight with more details of our quilting weekend.  It was a blast and I got a lot done!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Austen Family Album Quilt - Blocks 23 and 24 Done

After having been sick for a week, I finally got back into my sewing room today.

Block 23 is Old Maid's Puzzle for Tom LeFroy.  Tom proposed to Jane at one time but did not have the means to marry her.  

The ironic thing about this block is that my father just bought an antique quilt from an antique shop recently and it is made up of Old Maid's Puzzle blocks. I did not even know the name of this block until I looked it up for my father.

Block 24 is Wheel of Change for Capt de Feullide.  The Captain was the first husband of one of Jane's sister in laws and was beheaded in France during the Reign of Terror.

My Aunt Bonnie recently brought me some fabrics from a trip - one has hearts and another has butterflies.  Bonnie said that they reminded her of my mother and the fact that I like to use fabrics that remind me of my mother.   The star fabric also was from my mother's stash and was a favorite of hers also.    

 Amazing how good it feels to touch fabric again!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Austen Family Album Quilt - Block #22 Done

The block this week is called Friendship for Anne Bridges LaFroy a friend of Jane's

My fabric choice is a little modern this week but I really wanted to use the sparkle fabric in one of my Jane Austen blocks.  It is part of my mother's stash and I have had fun including her sparkle fabric in several other quilts - including one that I made for my sister.

This block was from last Sunday the 30th of August but I did not get it done until tonight due to a variety of other things that came up.

On to the next project !!!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Northwoods Quilt Shop Finds

My husband and I visited my sister in northern Wisconsin this past weekend.  While the weather was pretty wet we had a good visit and did have one day to hike in Copper Falls State Park.

We also went up to Ashland and Bayfield - both towns along the south shore of Lake Superior.  And as usual I found a coupe of quilt shops to visit.  

Here are my purchases of fat quarters with writing that is quilting and sewing related. I hope to find a special pattern to use for these fabrics. 

On the right side is a little wall banner with a lighthouse - my mothers favorite - so had to buy it. 

I love finding quilt shops while on vacation.  They are all so fun to look at and the owners are always so friendly and happy that you stop by!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

2014 Projects - Status through August 31, 2014

I had made a list of open quilting projects at the beginning of 2014 with a total of 49 projects.

Here is the status of my work through August 31, 2014:

One new project added to the list - 50 total!!!
11 projects done
Three quilt tops done but not yet quilted and/or bound
Two quilt projects have blocks done but not yet sewn together
Two quilt projects are started 
One online quilt project up-to-date through August
One online quilt project - 21 of 36 blocks done and only one block behind schedule
Two projects removed from the list

So 20 projects worked on during the year so far!!!! 

I am happy with my progress and it will be fun to see how much more I can get done before 
December 31st.

Wish me luck!!!!!

Getting it Done - August Status and September List

Getting it Done - August Status

Things I really want to get done:
Clue #8 for Tell it to the Stars - done 8/14/14
Austen Family Album - make weekly blocks - #18, 19, 20 and 21 done - #22 pending
Sew binding down on Hearts Afitre and add label - done 8/17/14
Add label to Crisscross Applesauce - done 8/17/14
Finish Polka Dots, Patterns and Pinwheels top - done 8/2/14 (also made backing and binding)
Assemble top for Re-Piecing the Past quilt - not done

Things I might get done:
Assemble top for 21st Century Bulls Eye quilt - not touched
Complete Baby Girl Quilt for Kei - not touched
Kit up Hotchscotch mat project - made number appliques and purchased remaining fabric
Kit up Little Red Schoolhouse Project - started
Start Believe Tablerunner - not touched
Pillowcases for Conker - 10 pillowcases done 8/5/14
Tablemat for Wedding Gift (added to list) done 8/28/14

Getting it Done - September List

Things I really want to get done:
Clue #9 for Tell it to the Stars
Austen Family Album - make weekly blocks including #22 from August
Sew binding down on Cabin in the Woods quilt
Kit up and being Hop Scotch mat project
Kit up and begin Little Red Schoolhouse project
Complete Baby Girl Quilt for Kei

Things I might get done:
Assemble top for 21st Century Bulls Eye quilt
Assemble top for Re-PIecing the Past Quilt
Start project for Ron

Not sure I will be able to complete all of this but will give it a try!!!!