Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas !!!!!

Merry Christmas to all!!!  In honor of my mother, Lucia Beth Robinson and her father Pastor Steve, I would like to share the poem 'Everywhere Christmas' that he used to read each Christmas Eve. 

I pray that this poem helps us all to remember that Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

UFO List for 2012

Been sick all week and have not done my Christmas decorating yet so no picture of the stockings.  Probably not until later this week when I get fully back on my feet at home and at work!!

In the meantime, I am seeing other blogs talking about their 2012 UFO lists and decided it was time to take inventory....

1) Sew together 2nd Diamond Patch Quilt - get quilted and then bind
2) Get 1st Diamond Patch Quilt quilted and bound (making these for the beds in our newly decorated guest room- our son's old room)
3) Bind Four-Patch Heart Quilt
4) Layer, Tie and Bind Scrappy Patch Quilt
4A) Sew Together and Complete Emma's Star Quilt (added 12-5-2011)
5) Layer, Tie and Bind Pink Jelly Roll Quilt
6) Layer, Tie and Bind Blue Jelly Roll Quilt
7) Layer, Tie and Bind Nine-Patch Baby Quilt
8) Layer, Tie and Bind Becky's Design Baby Quilt
9) Cut out, Sew and Complete Weave it to Me Quilt
10) Cut out, Sew and Complete Criss-Cross Applesauce Quilt
11) Cut out, Sew and Complete Polka Dots, Prints and Pinwheels Quilt
12) Cut out, Sew and Complete Striking scrappy Quilt

Wow!!!!  Guess I better get moving on this.... don't think I will get much done between now and the end of the year between work, family, church and holiday gatherings.... but anything I do get done will be a bonus.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

They are all ready for Christmas !!!!

I have been making Counted Cross-Stitch Stockings for my family using the Better Homes and Garden Heirloom Stockings book (published in 1995).  I originally made them for myself, my husband Ron and our children Stefanie and Kevin.  Then Stefanie married Kyle and I made one for him.  Then Stefanie and Kyle had our granddaughter Madelynn and I made one for her (finished earlier this year).  Then Kevin married Stephanie (yes, our daughter and daughter-in-law have the same name - different spelling!!!) and I made one for her (just finished this last Sunday night). 

Here they are:
For myself -> Stitcher's Studio                      For my Husband Ron -> North Woods

 For Stefanie -> Home for Christmas                  For Kevin -> Holiday Workshop

For Kyle -> Toys and Games                            For Stephanie -> Holiday Kitchen

And for our Granddaugher Madelynn ->  Sugar and Spice

Once we get our Christmas decorations up, I will take a picture of them all at the fireplace and post it out here.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Jennifer's Quilts

Wanted to share pictures of the quilts I made for two Jennifer's in my life....

Nine-Patch for Jennifer G -> This quilt kind of started my quilting craze and still is one of my favorites. Found the pattern on the Hancock Fabrics website and most of the fabric was bought on clearance for $1 a yard!I even made a couple of small pillows out of the leftover fabric. 

Jungle Fever for Jennifer T -> This quilt was made from a kit by Karen Montgomerty purchased from Keepsake Quilting.  However, I added 3 inch sashing and cornerstones to make the quilt a little bigger. Want to use this pattern again but it just has not made it to the top of my project list.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Home from FL

Just got home from a lovely week in Ft Myers, FL with my husband.  It was a good week of walking on the beach, reading on the beach and getting away from our busy lives.
Will start to post more to this blog now... sharing quilts that I have previously made and new projects that I do.
Any and all comments/questions/suggestions are always welcome.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stephanie's T-Shirt Quilt

  Here is the T-shirt quilt that I made for my then future daughter-in-law Stephanie Parker.  The 'Will You' and 'Marry Me' shirts in the middle were worn by two little boys who are friends of Stephanie's that Kevin (my son) used to propose to her !!!!  The rest of the T-shirts are ones that Stephanie aquired during her Basketball career and a couple that relate to Kevin (Dolphins, NIU, Delta Sigma Pi).

I was able to surprise Stephanie on Christmas 2009 with this as both Kevin and I told her that I was too busy to work on it !!!!

Currently I am finishing up my own T-Shirt quilt of NIU shirts - will post some pictures of that soon...