Sunday, August 24, 2014

Austen Family Album Quilt-Block #21 West Wind Done

This weeks block is West Wind dedicated to Tom Fowle - Jane's sister Cassandra's fiancé who died of yellow fever while serving as a chaplain.

As I was sewing the block together I realized that I had picked yellow fabric without even thinking about the significance!  

I also have a soft spot for Tom Fowle as my grandfather Edwin Stevens was a chaplain in England during World War II.  He did get sick while serving there but survived to come home to his family.  

Can't believe we are done with 21 blocks already. It has gone fast and I look forward to doing a new block each Sunday!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Austen Family Album Quilt -Block #20 Best Friend done

Block #20 is Best Friend for Martha Lloyd another Austen family friend.  

I pulled some more modern fabrics this week and hope this block looks ok with the rest of them. 

Maybe over this coming weekend I will lay them all out to see them together.  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tell it to the Stars - August clue #8 Done

This month's clue was to make some setting triangles for the quilt top.  

They turned out great and have me very excited to see how it all goes together. 

See my other Tell it to the Stars posts during 2014 to see the blocks that have already been made.

I took the picture with the Rotary Mat upside down so it looks like I flipped the picture but I did not!

On to the next project for August.......

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Austen Family Album Quilt-Block 19 Cross Patch - Done

This weeks block is Cross Patch for Jane Austen's sister in law Mary Lloyd Austen. 

Apparently Jane did not get along Mary so this blocks name is appropriate.  

Love the darker fabric in the block as it has a gold filigree on it.  

This is 19 out of 36 blocks so we are over half way done!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Austen Family Album Quilt - Block #18 Indian Star done

Continuing on the block of the week project I made this weeks block #18 Indian Star for Warren Hastings.   Mr Hastings was a family friend of the Austen's and lived a good part of his life in India.

Go the the Austen Family album blog to read more history on Warren Hastings.

Also continuing to use blue fabrics from my Blue bin and found some with red accents for this weeks block. 

Love the border fabric as it has butterflies which my mother loved.  Seems like I keep talking about my mother while working on this quilt.  Guess my love of sewing and quilting is tied to her as she did teach me how to sew years ago.  

Mom's birthday is coming up on Friday and her sister and I will go out to lunch at Red Lobster in her honor.  Miss her every day.  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pillowcases for Conker

My local quilt guild, NSQG, collects pillowcases for Conker to be given to cancer patients. 

I watch the remnants bins at fabric stores to buy fun pieces of fabric especially for kids.  

Last Saturday I started working on some pillowcases and tonight I finished up the fabric that I had in the queue.   Got a total of 10 pillowcases done!!!  

Now just to wash, press and package in time to take to the NSQG meeting later this month.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Polka Dots, Patterns and Pinwheels - Done!!!

I finished assembling the quilt top called Polka Dots, Patterns and Pinwheels today.  Then I also put together a pieced backing and created the binding material.

This is the finished top - I am happy with how it came out.  I was able to correct all of the bad piecing that I had done when I started this a year or so ago. 

I think that I will try to machine quilt it - not on the Longarm - but need to change around my sewing room to setup my mom's sewing machine to do the quilting.  

Have a couple of other projects that I want to complete first.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Getting it Done - July Status and August List

Getting it Done - July Status

Things I really want to get done:
Complete binding and label for Anita's Arrowhead quilt - done 7/5/14
Make shower gifts - done 7/4/14
Clue #7 for Tell it to the Stars - done 7/6/14
Austen Family Album quilt - Blocks 14,15,16, and 17 done
Make Shower Favors - done 7/5/14 with Bonnie and Stefanie

Things I might get done:
21st Century Bulls Eye - complete 20 remaining blocks - done 7/18/14
Work on Baby Girl Quilt for Kei - top done 7/8/14
Five more blocks for Re-Piecing the Past quilt top - all blocks done 7/19/14
Quilt and bind Hearts Afire quilt top - quilted 7/25/14, binding on 7/26/14

Getting it Done - August List

Things I really want to get done:
Clue #8 for Tell it to the Stars
Austen Family Album - make weekly blocks
Sew binding down on Hearts Afire and add label
Add label to Crisscross Applesauce
Finish Polka dots, Patterns and Pinwheels top
Assemble top for Re-piecing the Past quilt

Things I might get done:
Assemble top for 21st Century Bulls Eye quilt
Complete Baby Girl quilt for Kei
Kit up Hopscotch mat project
Kit up Little Red Schoolhouse project
Start Believe Tablerunner 
Pillowcases for Conker