Saturday, November 26, 2011

They are all ready for Christmas !!!!

I have been making Counted Cross-Stitch Stockings for my family using the Better Homes and Garden Heirloom Stockings book (published in 1995).  I originally made them for myself, my husband Ron and our children Stefanie and Kevin.  Then Stefanie married Kyle and I made one for him.  Then Stefanie and Kyle had our granddaughter Madelynn and I made one for her (finished earlier this year).  Then Kevin married Stephanie (yes, our daughter and daughter-in-law have the same name - different spelling!!!) and I made one for her (just finished this last Sunday night). 

Here they are:
For myself -> Stitcher's Studio                      For my Husband Ron -> North Woods

 For Stefanie -> Home for Christmas                  For Kevin -> Holiday Workshop

For Kyle -> Toys and Games                            For Stephanie -> Holiday Kitchen

And for our Granddaugher Madelynn ->  Sugar and Spice

Once we get our Christmas decorations up, I will take a picture of them all at the fireplace and post it out here.


  1. What incredible work! Gorgeous and gracious gifts!

  2. Wow - The the stockings are beautiful! I am sure that they will treasure them forever.