Thursday, June 6, 2013

Weave It To Me quilt done!

When I saw the pattern for this quilt in a catalog I knew I had to do it!  I love baskets and have been a collector of Longaberger baskets for a few years. The pattern on this quilt looks like a basket so I just had to try it. 

I picked the fabrics out of my stash with a lot of them being ones I inherited from my mother.  I cut out all of the pieces last February (meaning February of 2012), put them all in labelled bags and loaded them all into a storage box.  This past January (2013) I decided that it was time to try putting it together. 

Once I started it was not that hard to figure out how to assemble the rows and the top went together rather quickly!  

My Aunt Bonnie helped me to interpret the instructions and said that she wanted to try this pattern also. So now I will pass along the pattern so she can make it also. 

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  1. It looks fantastic! You did such a good job. Send a picture to the person who made the pattern. I hope I do as well as you.