Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Austen Family Album Quilt - Block #18 Indian Star done

Continuing on the block of the week project I made this weeks block #18 Indian Star for Warren Hastings.   Mr Hastings was a family friend of the Austen's and lived a good part of his life in India.

Go the the Austen Family album blog to read more history on Warren Hastings.

Also continuing to use blue fabrics from my Blue bin and found some with red accents for this weeks block. 

Love the border fabric as it has butterflies which my mother loved.  Seems like I keep talking about my mother while working on this quilt.  Guess my love of sewing and quilting is tied to her as she did teach me how to sew years ago.  

Mom's birthday is coming up on Friday and her sister and I will go out to lunch at Red Lobster in her honor.  Miss her every day.  

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  1. Butterflies, stars, hearts, the color blue, and sewing.......traditions and loves from your mom that you have embraced. You continue to celebrate and honor her life every day. Very nice block! Love that border fabric too.