Sunday, December 4, 2011

UFO List for 2012

Been sick all week and have not done my Christmas decorating yet so no picture of the stockings.  Probably not until later this week when I get fully back on my feet at home and at work!!

In the meantime, I am seeing other blogs talking about their 2012 UFO lists and decided it was time to take inventory....

1) Sew together 2nd Diamond Patch Quilt - get quilted and then bind
2) Get 1st Diamond Patch Quilt quilted and bound (making these for the beds in our newly decorated guest room- our son's old room)
3) Bind Four-Patch Heart Quilt
4) Layer, Tie and Bind Scrappy Patch Quilt
4A) Sew Together and Complete Emma's Star Quilt (added 12-5-2011)
5) Layer, Tie and Bind Pink Jelly Roll Quilt
6) Layer, Tie and Bind Blue Jelly Roll Quilt
7) Layer, Tie and Bind Nine-Patch Baby Quilt
8) Layer, Tie and Bind Becky's Design Baby Quilt
9) Cut out, Sew and Complete Weave it to Me Quilt
10) Cut out, Sew and Complete Criss-Cross Applesauce Quilt
11) Cut out, Sew and Complete Polka Dots, Prints and Pinwheels Quilt
12) Cut out, Sew and Complete Striking scrappy Quilt

Wow!!!!  Guess I better get moving on this.... don't think I will get much done between now and the end of the year between work, family, church and holiday gatherings.... but anything I do get done will be a bonus.

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  1. You can do it - I can do it - we will do it!!!
    Yes, it will be fun to compare notes as we go through 2012 getting our quilt projects done, done, done.