Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Salt Water Taffy Quilt

Here is a quilt that I made last year for Joe and Diana Guyer, some friends who got married last May. 

The pattern is called Salt Water Taffy and was supposed to be made with Batiks, however, I had my Mom's stash of Star fabrics and used those. 

I used a solid blue for the backing and solid red for the binding as the top was pretty busy on it's own.

Joe and Diana are stars in my life... they are fellow Christians and members of my Peace Group and they help to keep me grounded in Christ.  Therefore, I wanted to share the star fabric with them.


  1. Your Salt Water Taffy Quilt is beautiful. What a wonderful wedding gift! I've enjoyed reading your Blog.

    1. Thanks... do you have a blog that I can follow?