Saturday, January 12, 2013

Comfort and Joy Section 1 - Done!!!

With a lot of help and encouragement by my Aunt Bonnie, I just finished Section 1of the Comfort and Joy quilt project. It is my first appliqué work and I am happy with my result.


  1. Excellent, excellent!!!! Love it. Colorful and Christmasy and perfect. I knew you would far surpass me - and you have! Congratulations on a job well done. (big hug included in this comment.)

  2. I love your color choices and your work!

  3. I love your colors and choices. I like it much better than mine. I even did a 9 square over a few minutes ago so it would be less busy. And still it's driving me nuts!!!

  4. Charming! Love your colors & work. If I had time, i certainly would like to do this one, but 2013 is planned and there's no extra time.... If i'd seen yours before i laid out Plan 2013.. I would have added this project... Yours looks grest!

  5. Love your block. I too am sewing along with Comfort and Joy. I fused my house block. Now I am deciding if I should blanket stitch around the pieces or just use invisible thread and stitch the edges. Would value your input. What do you think? Keep up the great work!!

    1. Sorry so late to respond... you have probably made your choice already... I would blanket stitch as I think it enhances the work and fabric