Monday, December 8, 2014

Austen Family Album Quilt - Blocks 35 and 36 Done !!!!!

Block 35 is English Ivy for the Littleworths who were neighbors of the Austen Family.  Not really my favorite block in this quilt.  My center seam is a little off and I did not realize it until I saw the picture - maybe it will quilt out!!  LOL

Block 36 is Modern Envelope for Anne Sharp.  Anne was a pen pal of Jane's and one of her last letters was written to Anne Sharp.  The post on the Austen Family Album blog stated that in Jane's age they wrote letters on one piece of paper and then folded it to be the envelope also.  

And that is the last one of the blocks for this project.

Not sure yet how and/or when I will put these together into a quilt top.  I have a couple of other projects that I need to complete first.  I have enjoyed making all of these different blocks and may actually use some of them in future quilts.

Thanks to Barbara Brackman for putting this together and I really enjoyed all of the history about Jane Austen, her family and times.  

Also check out the Flicker Group for Austen Family Album to see the blocks made by other crazy quilters who have followed along on this project with me. 

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