Sunday, January 11, 2015

2014 Project Summary and 2015 Plans

Finally got around to reviewing my 2014 Project work.

During 2014 I had 57 projects on a list..... Suprise!!!  I did not get them all done.  Lol

Of the 57 projects:
15 totally done
8 tops done
4 projects have the blocks done but not assembled into a top
2 projects were removed from the list

So for 2015 my list is smaller - only 49 projects!!

8 of them are finishing the tips from 2014 and 4 are assembling/finishing the blocks done in 2014.  I hope that I don't bring any of these projects forward next year

I actually already got one finished this week and another one has binding ready to sew down!  (They are both small baby quilts!)

My other goal is to use as much fabric out of my stash as I can on these projects without buying more fabric.  That maybe hard to do but I am going to try.  

Wish me luck!!  

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