Monday, September 2, 2013

Good and bad day for sewing

I finally got around to trying to use my 1929 Singer 66 Featherweight sewing machine. I had bought it at an estate sale a couple of months ago and then never touched it until today!  After a few test stitches and some adjustment of the tension I was ready to go!

I was able to get it threaded without issue and the bobbin went right in without issue also.  I had a set of 24 Heartstrings blocks that needed to be sewn together so decided they would be the first project on that machine.  

Here is a picture of my sewing work 

I got the whole top sewn together and then decided that I would machine quilt it myself.  Bad decision.  I guess my layering and pinning must not have been too good. I stitched in the ditch on the horizontal lines and it was okay.  However when I started the vertical lines I got all sorts of bunching!!  

So I am now in the process of pulling out all of the machine quilting. Think I will just tie it and bind it and then send into the Heartstrings Quilt Project Group.  

So glad I finally used the Featherweight. It was fun but I do probably need to get it cleaned up a little.

Does anyone know a good sewing machine person for Featherweights?

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  1. Very nice set-up by the window. Glad the machine works and that you have used it. The machine quilting......well, been there, done that! Not so much fun.