Saturday, October 19, 2013

Purple Heartstrings quilt done

I had started a set of Purple Heartstrings blocks around New Year's Day with the Heartstrings Quilt Project/Group.

Somehow I just kept putting off finishing them and but finally finished the last of the 24 blocks just before Labor Day.  Then on Labor Day I sewed the blocks together and decided that I would machine quilt the quilt.  This top was the first sewing I did on my Singer Featherweight named "Lucia" in honor of my lovely mother. 

Bad decision !!!  :(   I had pulled some high loft batting from my closet and thought that I had it pinned together enough but when I tried machine quilting I ended up with a real mess.  I stitched in the ditch and had completed the horizontal rows and started the vertical rows.  On the first vertical column I had to fudge over the horizonal lines and on the second vertical column I ended up with at least three overlaps of fabric !!!!!

So I decided not to continue and proceeded to rip out all of the machine quilting.  That took me at least two weeks of free time and a lot of frustration and mumbling!!!  Never will I use high loft batting again. Finally tied the quilt and got a quilt that I am happy with. 

Just finished sewing down the binding tonight...  finally a finished project!!!

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