Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sewing Machines

have recently become a sewing machine collector.   I follow Bonnie Hunter's blog and she has a whole page devoted to her machines. I guess my five machines is not too bad.  :) 

My first machine is a Kenmore that my wonderful husband bought me as my wedding gift.  I have recently decided to name her "Morning".  That is because we had the song " Morning has Broken". Sung at our wedding in 1980.  This is my 'go to' machine and the one that I am most comfortable sewing on. 

Next machine is one I bought for $25 from Barrington High School when our daughter was student teaching there in early 2007. I have struggled to come up with a name for her..... Finally decided on "Marie" which is our daughter 's middle name.

Then I inherited my mother's Viking when she was no longer able to sew. I have decided to name her "Beth" in honor of my Mom - that was her middle name.  This is the machine that I do any machine quilting on.  Mom had a feeder foot and also a free motion quilting foot so whenever I feel brave enough to try machine quilting this is the machine I use. 

Fourth machine is a Singer Featherweight 66 that I bought from an estate sale in Buffalo Grove which I paid $100 - it is in a lovely cabinet and works very well.  I decided to name her "Lucia" which is my mothers first name.  As pictured here I used this machine to sew together a recent Heartstrings quilt but unfortunately that is all I have done on it! 

Finally I bought my fifth machine last weekend at another estate sale in Arlington Heights. It is another Singer Featherweight but is in a case so that it is portable to sewing events, etc.   I have yet to try sewing on her but I am sure that she will work.  Decided to name her "Bonnie" after my lovely aunt and quilting mentor. 

I think that five machines is enough for me (at least for right now!).  I am trying to get a sewing group started at my church (Prince of Peace in Palatine, IL)  so having a few machines to use for sewing events might be good.  


  1. Great post! You have a good collection of working sewing machines. And of course I love all the names you have given them. I feel honored to have my name included! I hope that "Bonnie" is a good machine and doesn't give you trouble.

  2. I love this post Mommy!!! :) What a great collection you have going there and love that my middle name got in there :) Love you!! Let's keep that collection going!