Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Project Summary

I had a list of 17 quilting projects and two Cross Stitch projects that I wanted to get done during 2013.

10 of the quilting projects were done plus two have the tops done only and one of the Cross Stitch projects is done.  

However, I added 14 additional quilt projects (mostly baby quilts) that were completed and one Cross Stitch project done.  Also I made a total of 14 pillowcases for Conker Cancer donated through NSQG.  

Total done projects = 40 plus two tops only

What a great year!  It was fun to spend so much time sewing/quilting and being able to share my finished projects with family and friends!

I made a list of Open Quilting Projects for 2014 and they total 49!!!!!

Guess I better get busy!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!

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