Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Table Runners

Last year I made Christmas quilts for each of our kids and for us out of fabrics that had been collected by my mother.  
I kept the rest of the fabrics for each quilt and used them to make table runners for each of us this year.
Also these were the first three items that I quilted on my Aunt's long arm machine. 

For Ron and I

For our daughter Stefanie

For our son Kevin

Sorry but I did not get very good pictures.
This is the label that I put on all three of them



  1. Oops, what happened to the pictures? They are so small. I saw those table runners in person and they are so bright and cheerful and full of Christmas colors. I like your label too.

  2. Don't know. The pictures I have been taking with my iPad are coming up so small :(