Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Progress on Polka Dots, Prints and Pinwheels

Last week I pulled out a UFO project that had been gathering dust for over a year and figured out where I should re-start the project

I must say that my sewing skills have definitely improved since I started this project.  My half square triangles are not very well constructed or consistent.  But I have decided to keep working on it and get it finished.

I also discovered that when sewing the half square triangles into pinwheels that I switched the squares and did not sew them all together correctly.  This caused me to have to pull apart about 7 of the pinwheel blocks and re-sew them together the correct way.

Tonight I used my design wall and laid them out into rows. 

The picture came out a little dark. I am happy with the layout and did sew together the first row.

With my inconsistent half square triangles the first row is a little wonky but I hope to fix that when sewing the rows together. 

More later as I continue to plow through this project.

1 comment:

  1. Half square triangles are always tricky to get exactly right. However, from this viewpoint, it looks delightful - colorful and well designed. Keep plugging away and you will be happy you did.