Thursday, October 30, 2014

Re-Piecing the Past quilt top done

I bought Kaye Englands class from Craftsy called Re-Piecing the Past.  The blocks are Civil War based and named and were fun to do. 

The pattern called for flying geese, four patches and other elements to be put in between the blocks to create the top. However I did not like how it looked so decided to just use a sashing material. The only complication is that two of the blocks were larger than the rest but with a little math I figured out how to add an additional piece of fabric to make everything even.

I really like how this quilt came out and may use the block patterns to make other quilt tops in the future.  

I used the leftover fabric to make a pieced backing and two of the red fabrics to make the binding material

So off this quilt top and backing go into my closet along with the number of other projects waiting to be quilted!!

Now I just need to find about two weeks worth of time to use my aunts Longarm quilting machine!!!

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  1. Excellent job. Wonderful blocks - nicely arranged.