Sunday, September 14, 2014

Austen Family Album Quilt - Blocks 23 and 24 Done

After having been sick for a week, I finally got back into my sewing room today.

Block 23 is Old Maid's Puzzle for Tom LeFroy.  Tom proposed to Jane at one time but did not have the means to marry her.  

The ironic thing about this block is that my father just bought an antique quilt from an antique shop recently and it is made up of Old Maid's Puzzle blocks. I did not even know the name of this block until I looked it up for my father.

Block 24 is Wheel of Change for Capt de Feullide.  The Captain was the first husband of one of Jane's sister in laws and was beheaded in France during the Reign of Terror.

My Aunt Bonnie recently brought me some fabrics from a trip - one has hearts and another has butterflies.  Bonnie said that they reminded her of my mother and the fact that I like to use fabrics that remind me of my mother.   The star fabric also was from my mother's stash and was a favorite of hers also.    

 Amazing how good it feels to touch fabric again!!

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  1. Sorry to hear you have been sick - but glad you are feeling better and back to sewing. The blocks look good. As usual, I like your fabric choices!